Our Story

Welcome to Hertape!

Founded in 2020, Varen Phangkajaya and and Jesslyn Halim are co-founders from Hertape Indonesia. Started from their self-doubt and lack of confidence when dressing up, Hertape was formed until it is at its present point. Jesslyn, who is a former fashion student, and Varen, who is a former marketing student, feel that this is their calling to make an impact for women. Thus, they created Hertape to provide solutions and bringing changes to women’s lives.

In founding Hertape, they held tight to their branding values. According to Varen and Jesslyn, slow is richer than fast, which means a slower pace will help their roots stretch deep and wide. They try their best to maximize every little detail, starting from customer feedback to industrial development itself.
“In Hertape, we strictly curate our distribution channels, from official and online partner stores, to maintain our branding. Moreover, we also select our key opinion leaders that represent our brand carefully to support our brand values.” 

At Hertape, we strives to provide premium quality undergarments products for every women in Indonesia in all shade, size, and color. Here, we inspire women to be the most confident versions of themselves. Feel bold while looking good all day never felt this easy 

Our values

Premium Quality

We always give 100% to the quality of our products’ material. That’s why, we have a strict policy on immediate disposal of defective products and packaging.


We are here to help women feel more confident in wearing anything that they want! Here to help solve existing problems, especially in clothing, the existence of Hertape adds value to people’s lives.