Do you know what is a BB Tape, and whether this product is reusable?

BB Tape is a breast support in the form of a flexible cloth equipped with a special skin adhesive, so this product is the perfect solution for those of you who wants to lift your breasts without using a bra. BB tape is for one time use only.


What is the maximum cup size possible can BB Tape support?

BB Tape can support from A-H bra sizes

How many times can you use a roll of BB tape?

One roll of BB Tape is 5m long, normally, 1 roll can be used up to 5-15 times depends on the size of the breast and the style you used. Click here to know more about BB Tape measurement.

What is the difference between hertape Nipple Cover and other nipple covers?

Compared to nipple pad in general, the nipple covers from hertape is made from satin and proof to be medical grade adhesive, which makes our products highly adhesive, lightweight, and thin. It feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Do you need to use a nipple cover before using BB Tape?

Yes, we highly recommend Sisther to use a nipple cover first before using our BB Tape. The nipple cover serves to cover and protect the sensitive area on the nipple before using the tape. However, the nipple cover does not provide a lifting effect on your brests, only BB Tape can.

Are the BB Tape and nipple cover sweat-proof and water-resistant?

Our BB Tape and nipple cover products are certified for sweat proof and water resistance. They are safe and will not easily come off when exposed to sweat, even when taken swimming. However, we recommend that Sisther replace the BB Tape and nipple cover after swimming or being exposed to water to prevent irritation or itching.

Does the BB Tape and nipple cover hurt when removed?

The adhesive from our BB Tape and nipple cover are specific skin medical adhesive that has a strong enough adhesion level to avoid irritation or itching. To make it easier to remove BB Tape and nipple cover, we highly recommend Sisther to use Gentle Removal Oil from Hertape.

What kind of fabrics will Double Sided Tape stick to?

Adhesive on Double Sided Tape works best on cotton, satin and polyester fabrics.


Does Hertape ship outside of Indonesia?

Yes, we do worldwide shipping.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Orders before 3 pm for domestic delivery will be sent on the day you make the payment, but if you made the payment after 3 pm, it will be sent on the next day. For international shipping, it will be sent at least 2x24 hours after we have received your payment.

How do I change my delivery address if I accidentally entered the wrong address?

No worries! While the status of your order has not been sent, you can change the shipping address by contacting us via Whatsapp (+6285156570305). You can also immediately submit a complaint via the live chat available on this website page.

I received a product that doesn’t match my order. How do I get the right product?

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. Please immediately send your unboxing video along with the receipt/invoice of your order to our Whatsapp (+6285156570305), and we will immediately send the right product.

How do I exchange product, and what are the exchange policies?

Please kindly click here to find out more about our product exchange.